by Abagail Link

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This is a collection of songs which don't quite have a place, but might be worth listening to. Some are not 100% polished and some were recorded for older EPs which do not need to be available to you lovely people in their complete forms. I hope you enjoy them as they are.


released May 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Abagail Link Sacramento, California

I am a girl. I write songs about the things on my heart.

For all of the information and musical fun you could ever desire, please check out my Tumblr, linked below.

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Track Name: I Don't Know How I Feel About Valentine's Day
I don't know how I feel 'bout Valentine's Day
It's such an easy day to hate
you never end up with the person you want
just sit on the couch watching stupid romcoms

how much ben and jerry's can I eat?
In one sitting

I don't know what to do on Valentine's Day
Maybe I'll spend it at a buffet
never a better time to eat than when you're alone
it's cheap and you don't have to bring anything home

how much soft serve can I eat
in one sitting
I've never been beat
so far I'm winning

I don't need anyone on Valentine's day
my cat loves me though she never says
boys just smell icky and don't behave
and if I had one I'd have to shave my legs

how much doctor who can I watch
in one sitting
how many creeps can I tell off on okcupid
it's pretty fitting
it's pretty fitting

I don't know I feel about valentine's day
Track Name: I Need a Song
A song I recorded in 2011 for an EP called "Sidewalk Songs." I decided not to leave some of that older stuff up here, but I thought I would leave one or two of the better songs. If you're interested in the whole EP, please send me an email.